USMLE United States Medical Licensing Examination

one ponders, what is usmle? what is special in usmle exams? why we have to take usmle for getting a license ? so in this post I am going answer all your questions about USMLE .



United States Medical Licensing Examination is a series of exams for assessing a physician’s ability to use concepts, knowledge and skills in clinical practice. All your skills you learnt in Medical School are put to test by some solid questions. The idea of conducting USMLE is too evaluate not only you as a future doctor but to compare you with hundreds of others and let the Hospital Programs have the best one working for them. So a good score gives you a good chance for getting residency.

Bodies Conducting USMLE

USMLE is conducted by Federation of State Medical Boards (F.S.M.B) and by National Board of Medical Examiners (N.B.M.E). Therefore USMLE is also called board exam.

Steps in USMLE

USMLE is divided into steps for making test procedure easier for students and boards. There are three main steps in USMLE.
  1. Step 1
  2. Step 2 CK (clinical knowledge ) , Step 2 CS (clinical Skills)
  3. Step 3
The numbers should not confuse you. There is no order for taking Steps. So 1, 2 and 3 are just names of divisions. You can take any step before or after.
For examply You can give Step 2 CS before Step 1

Fee for Steps

By today’s date the fee structure is as follows, I will post update about fee if it changes

For Students from US And Canada Medical Schools

Step 1 fee is 580$.
Step 2 CK is 580$.

Step 2 CS 1260$

For Students from Medical Schools of all other countries

  1. Step 1        850$
  2. Step 2 CK 850$
  3. Step 2 CS  1480$
  4. Other Charges about 500$
With this I believe you know basic information about USMLE and its purpose. In coming days we will posting stuff to help you get started in your USMLE preparation.
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