USMLE Tips by Residents

These days in our university a lot of Seminars for USMLE were conducted. It was so inspirational to see residents coming back to their mother institute and give these awesome presentations. I have attended almost all of them,  Here I am going to enlist some Main Points they made during the seminar. Read them and then read explanation.

USMLE Tips by Residents


Give USMLE Step 1 during under graduation

I first want to make a clarification here, in USA institutes like Harvard it is compulsory to give Step 1 after three years of course work. So this tip is for students from sub continent.
The Basic reasons behind this strategy are
  1. It saves a lot of time
  2. Chance of getting match increase
  3. your study habits are better during under graduation

Have a Clear Goal

2nd Things I learnt in these days was having a clear goal in your mind. Like Choose a specialty then try to have all your clinical , research experience in that specialty. This will help you make a C.V that will show your dedication toward specialty and your chances of getting a match will increase a lot.

Go For electives

Electives will give you Letter of recommendation and it is just a great way to improve your chances of getting a match plus answering my question one of residents told
Having done electives from university such as Harvard is much better than doing from clinics but of course only if you can pay that much fee.

Scores matter

At the very end of it the bottom line is scores matter a


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