Pathoma vs Goljan

when you just start your USMLE preparation, Someone will tell you, Pathology is important. 70% questions in Step 1 have some pathological basis. So you really want to  prepare pathology going out of the box. If you have guts and time then you can try Big Robbin other wise for students like me there are two options, Pathoma or Goljan.  Pathoma is relatively new review book less, more video lecture series while Goljan is an old Gold. so here we will see a a great competition  Pathoma vs Goljan ,  Lets see who wins it.
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7 Tips to prepare for USMLE Step 1

Tips for USMLE Step 1

These tips are excellent if you are just starting your Step 1 Preparation.  these great tips for usmle Step 1  are shared by a Medical Graduate from USA Medical School.

Study Efficiently

Try to study efficiently so that you aren’t wasting too much time focusing on one subject and won’t feel as frustrated if you spend 3 months on one topic and forget everything that you previously studied. Spend 1 week at most reviewing each system. And the 2nd week should be spent on doing questions from that subject from UWorld, Kaplan Qbank AND USMLERx under tutor-mode. Stay disciplined about the 1 week rule to review and 1 week rule to do questions. Even if you are not finished reviewing everything within a week, move on to next subject after doing questions and just make a note of topics you didn’t finish covering.
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USMLE Seminar Hangout By K.E Residents

All I want to say is Thank you so much for giving us so much time,

It is  You tube video and I hope you know How to watch it.

It covers USMLE completely with a question and answer session. I hope it helps me as well, I will see it when I get time now because it is more than 4 hours.
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USMLE Tips by Residents

These days in our university a lot of Seminars for USMLE were conducted. It was so inspirational to see residents coming back to their mother institute and give these awesome presentations. I have attended almost all of them,  Here I am going to enlist some Main Points they made during the seminar. Read them and then read explanation.
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USMLE United States Medical Licensing Examination

one ponders, what is usmle? what is special in usmle exams? why we have to take usmle for getting a license ? so in this post I am going answer all your questions about USMLE .



United States Medical Licensing Examination is a series of exams for assessing a physician’s ability to use concepts, knowledge and skills in clinical practice. All your skills you learnt in Medical School are put to test by some solid questions. The idea of conducting USMLE is too evaluate not only you as a future doctor but to compare you with hundreds of others and let the Hospital Programs have the best one working for them. So a good score gives you a good chance for getting residency.

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