Pathoma vs Goljan

when you just start your USMLE preparation, Someone will tell you, Pathology is important. 70% questions in Step 1 have some pathological basis. So you really want to  prepare pathology going out of the box. If you have guts and time then you can try Big Robbin other wise for students like me there are two options, Pathoma or Goljan.  Pathoma is relatively new review book less, more video lecture series while Goljan is an old Gold. so here we will see a a great competition  Pathoma vs Goljan ,  Lets see who wins it.

Pathoma vs Goljan

Lets see a few points about both great books.

Comparison of Text

Pathoma Text is much more concise as compared to Goljan. However students who are good at concentration will find Goljan text more linked with Physiology and Biochemistry. So actually you get a Pathological revision of those subjects. Good news is students have reported they were able to solve 95% questions by just reading Pathoma. 
That is a face, Goljan takes time to study but has more depth of knowledge, while Pathoma is high yield and concise.

Comparison of Lectures, Pathoma Videos vs Goljan audio.

Another great thing about pathoma is drawings Hussain A. Sattar has made. Students just love it. His words and use of language makes pathology interesting,  on the other hand goljan lacks diagrams it has only an audio lecture series which is very concise though.  Reddit has the answer to your question ”  Pathoma videos vs goljan audios.

Supporters of Pathoma  and Goljan

Students who like extensive reading, in depth knowledge, introverts and sensing type  usually support Goljan. While students who want to have High Yield study in limited time available certainly love Pathoma.

Strategy for Pathology

Lastly I want to give you a tip, First study Pathoma because it is upcoming trend then later if you want to study Goljan. Try to study blue boxes only and if you don’t understand something in blue box then refer to black text about it. Most of concepts and high yield things are given in blue boxes. When you are done with this your pathology preparation would be 100%. what if you can only afford one? I would say go for Pathoma if you want to have more knowledge in less time and go for Goljan if you want to have in depth knowledge obviously in more time.

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